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Antique Bow Front Stick Barometer by Clarke of London


Sold: 20th August 2010

A fine and high quality bow fronted mahogany stick barometer with rare Ivory Float.

The silvered brass scale calibrated from 27" to 31" with sliding vernier and engraved with weather indicators and makers name above. The thermometer with silvered brass scale calibrated from -10º to 150º Fahrenheit and from -20º to 50º Reaumur. The fine mahogany case with excellent flame veneers to the bowed front and bowed glass to the scale with cushion moulding above. The ebony urn cistern cover enclosing an Ivory Float with a brass mounted glass dust cover. Also with ebony line inlay throughout the case. An excellent instrument.

Note: The ivory float, mounted on top of the cistern, was a method the barometer makers used to obtain higher accuracy and was therefore used on the more scientific and expensive examples. To take an accurate reading the key is used to adjust the leather of the cistern until the mark on the inside floating piece lines up with the mark on the outer sleeve. This is commonly referred to as the â

Price: £8,750 / Height: 39" / C.1835