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Antique Bracket Clocks

All of our Bracket Clocks offered for sale are fully restored and guaranteed for 12 months. Each clock is carefully selected for proportions, quality and originalilty. Audio files are also made available where applicable. Clocks are delivered Free in the UK and for our overseas customers a full Export service can be made available by our approved and well established Fine Art Export Shipper.

The bracket clock evolved alongside the longcase clock in the late 17th century.  An architectural form was used to begin with with plain ebony cabinet work.  Bracket clocks from this early period are very rare and were made by the famous makers of the time like Tompion, Knibb and Fromanteel.  At this early period the verge escapement was used.  

As the 18th century progressed different veneers were used, the most popular being mahogany and walnut. The anchor escapement also made its first appearance in a bracket clock C.1800.  

Throughout the 19th century a mixture of styles were used and bracket clocks were made in large numbers and always of the highest quality.