Antique Mahogany Longcase Clocks From A Specialist UK Clock Dealer - Mahogany Grandfather Clocks

Antique Mahogany Longcase Clocks

Mahogany longcase clocks come in all different shapes and sizes and were made all over the UK. Mahogany was imported from South America C.1720 but was not widely used for clock cases until C.1740.

As it became more popular in London, it subsequently was used in the provincial areas later in the 18th century.

Mahogany longcase clocks can either be veneered or solid depending on the quality and also the age of the clock. During the 18th century the cases were quite simple in design and used either plain or flame mahogany veneer. As the 19th century approached the mahogany was being used with inlay and then into the 19th century much larger cases were produced throughout the country especially in Bristol, Liverpool and Manchester.

The 'London Mahogany' longcase clock as it is sometimes known is a very popular and impressive style of clock that was made from C.1745 to C.1820.  

They were made in large numbers, using only the best mahogany and followed a style that only had very slight changes in the 60 plus years that they were produced.  We normally have several examples to choose from.