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Rare Mahogany Stick Barometer by Gatty of London


Sold: 28th October 2017

A very rare 18th century mahogany stick barometer by this famous maker

The main silvered brass scale is calibrated from 27" to 31" and incorporates a sliding silvered brass vernier with a brass knob and pointer.  The scale also displays typical weather indications from Stormy to Very Dry. The makers name is engraved to the top of the scale, James Gatty of No 132 High Holborn, London. Also with very delicately engraved flowers and foliage.  The thermometer scale is unusually dated Anno 1787 and mounted onto the main column of the barometer and features and almost full length silvered brass scale reading from 20 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.  The alcohol thermometer is attached to the scale with brass loops and brass bulb guard. An additional and rare feature is a recording pointer for the temperature. To allow the thermometer scale to be displayed in this way the main mercury tube which is fitted with a boxwood cistern is of a rare bayonet design to allow the tube to travel underneath the thermometer scale and reappearing at the main scale.

The superbly made and well proportioned cabinet work has boxwood and ebony ‘barber pole’ edge inlay throughout, exquisitely made oval inlays to the front elevation and a well made mahogany cistern cover with inlaid ebony and bone.  There is also a transportation screw below. The typical architectural top is finished with a central brass acorn finial.

Note:  James Gatty was one of the earliest Italian Barometer makers who appears to have started working in London during the 1780’s.  He is well known Instrument Maker and specialised in high quality and unusual wheel and stick barometers. This is a very rare and unusual example.

Price: £8,950 / C.1787