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Rare Stick Barometer by Lincoln of London


Sold: 2nd November 2016

An excellent  18th century mahogany stick barometer with rare bayonet mercury tube.

The main silvered brass scale is calibrated from 28" to 31" and incorporates a sliding silvered brass vernier with brass knob and pointer.  The scale also has typical weather indications of the period ranging from Very Dry to Stormy, foliage and flower engraving to the base and the makers name C. Lincoln, London.  The main column of the barometer features a silvered brass thermometer scale reading from 10 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.  The alcohol thermometer is attached to the scale with two brass loops and has the unusual feature of an oval shaped bulb. The scale also features further foliage and flower engraving. The mercury tube which is of a rare bayonet shape to allow the tube to travel underneath the thermometer scale and reappearing at the main scale.

The mahogany case is beautifully made and features barber pole edge inlay, rare fiddle backed mahogany veneered panels and a wonderfully  turned mahogany cistern cover with inlaid ebony and bone to the centre.  The architectural top has a central brass acorn finial.

Note:  Charles Lincoln is listed as working between 1744-1807 at 11 Cornhill, Poultry and Leadenhall Street.  He was an Optician and a Mathematical Instrument Maker. Stick barometers featuring bayonet tubes are exceedingly rare.

Price: £7,850 / Height: 39" / C.1780