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Antique Regulator Longcase Clocks

It is not known exactly who originally invented the Deadbeat Escapement but it may have been used first by a maker called George Graham in C.1715. This invention paved the way for even more accurate timekeeping from the now well known sight and sound of the Longcase Clock.

The Regulator dial layout consists of a minute ring circling the dial with a large seconds to the top and a large hour dial below. This style was used throughout the latter half of the 18th century and the 19th century. Regulators of this type normally only have one going train and do not strike. There is the exception to this rule though where longcase clocks are seen with a conventional dial layout but with a Regulator type movement.

You will normally also find Maintaining Power where a Deadbeat Escapement is used. This enables the clock to keep running whilst the movement is wound.

We have had several high quality Regulators over the years by famous makers such as Barraud, Dent, Frodsham, Molyneux & Arnold. All were of the highest quality. Many of them were originally used as accurate timekeepers for Observatories.

Longcase Clocks are delivered Free in the UK and for our overseas customers a full Export service can be made available by our approved and well established Fine Art Export Shipper. Please click here to view the Export process.